Get Stylish With these Fashion Goals

Jessica Helou
Posted On 07 SEP 2017

Get Stylish With these Fashion Goals

Article Cover by Nicole Warne

The style you create for yourself should always match who you are as a person, not all the trendy looks can go in shape with your figure or image, since autumn comes calling, bringing with it a cooler breeze. We decided to make a monthly goal to enjoy more September with a stylish twist. So let’s check the tips:

Signature style:

Keep your clothes in a theme in order to give yourself a signature style. This is a look people will associate with you and will make you seem more stylish.

Instagram: SincerelyJules

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Basic Items:

Purchase basic warm items that you can mix and match to come up with different outfits and effortless looks. Stick to classic cuts in order to get a timeless look.

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Busy Prints & Textures:

Styling two to three different prints for the same outfit is very trendy this fall. Keep an eye on Karen Wazen as she revealed her mixed printed outfit for the fall collaborating with Ounass & Okhtein for a stunning appearance.

Karen Wazen

Old Items Tailored:

What you probably don’t realize about the trend lately is that pieces are being reinvented – meaning that old pieces can be worked on to get a stylish touch to look trendy.

For example, adding patches to old denim jeans will transform it to casual yet trendy denim or even adding a huge patch on the back of a classic blazer will give a statement to your look.

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Monochromatic Look:

Go for monochromatic outfit wearing all black or all white like the fabulous Nicole Warne. It is guarantee to turn heads with something so simple.

Nicole Warne

New Haircut:

Hair can make a huge difference to your style; get a new haircut to upgrade your look. I personally prefer a classic one to have this kind of a vintage look.

Jessica Helou

Statement with accessories:

Accessories have a huge impact on your wardrobe letting them be your accent pieces. Throw any accessory on any outfit and will definitely catch people’s eyes.

You can check these earings and brooches at Lebelik, designed by Elsa O. L'accessoire.


Express yourself with a warm / edgy lipstick:

Trust me; an edgy lipstick will change your entire look. Highlight your lips with a deep red lipstick and see the difference. Mine is Clarins Rouge Eclat - You can get this lipstick on feel22 using our promocode : ouisocietyfeel22 to get 10% discount at checkout :)

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New perfume:

As we all know, we always change the perfume according to the season, to get a fall mood, you choose search for perfumes that are warm and musky, like patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, amber, oak moss, etc.
I personally purchased the Thierry Mugler Alien which has an oriental woody scent that goes with Fall & Winter.
Benefit from it at feel22 using our promo code ouisocietyfeel22 at check out to get it at $149.4 instead of $166 with free delivery in Lebanon.

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