Trendy Hair Styles to Follow This Fall

Jessica Helou
Posted On 10 NOV 2017

Trendy Hair Styles to Follow This Fall

We always get inspired by celebrities and street stars when it comes to changing our look, especially with hair.

 Although beauty comes from within, it is important to change our hair look twice a year, it leaves us with a feeling of renewal and freshness.

It helps us feel rejuvenated and boosts confidence. 

Embrace change, let your hair transform with you as you continue to grow into your fabulous self.

Here the major trendy hair styles for this season:

1- LOB - Long Bob cut:

the BOB cut never get out of fashion, this time with a modern twist with a shorter back and a longer sides.

Image title

2- The Momu-Modern Mullet Cut:

It's back but with a softer look. The Momu can be shaped with long hair in the back and shorter hair on the front side. 

Image title

3- Balayage Hair:

We all know that this trend will never fade; with its different techniques, the freehand balayage give the face a brighter look.

Image title

4- Natural Hair Length:

Hair that flows free, fresh and full of movement. The natural hair will speak itself without an effort making it an effortless look and the trendiest for this season.

Image title

5- Wet Hair Look:

This time with a touch of your hand, with a natural look. No height needed, simply a bit length.

Image title

6- Tribal Tresses - Braids:

I love this style - Big Time - it has its own way of seduction and wildness.

Image title

Comment below which look would you go for this season.



Jessica Helou

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