Falling for Fall With Massimo Dutti

Jessica Helou
Posted On 17 NOV 2016

Falling for Fall With Massimo Dutti

I'm totally fallin’ for fall more than ever right now since Lebanon’s weather was brutal this summer. Now it’s all about those cozy silk blouse, comfy yet chic rain boots, that perfect fringe cape and coated trousers to make you feel great head to toe. I’m all about picking autumn colors like burgundy, beige and dark blue during this season makes everything look so good, plus it’s easier to mix n’ match things with.

Image title

I felt so relaxed and comfy when choosing my outfit from Massimo Dutti, these are my fall picks that’s I’ve been craving.

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I’m wearing:

Massimo Dutti Rain boots 
Massimo Dutti coated Trouser 
Massimo Dutti fringe cape 
Massimo Dutti silk blouse 
Massimo Dutti Bag

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