Obi - The Urban Sushi In Town

Jessica Helou
Posted On 05 NOV 2016

Obi - The Urban Sushi In Town

When you hear about modern sushi, you can only think of OBI, an urban sushi restaurant with a wide selection of sushi and appetizers.

Oui Society was one of the Invitees to discover their new menu. They have a lot of funky selections as well; great for those of us with adventurous palate.

It was the first time that we visit OBI at The Village – Dbayeh, the urban concept is so cool and chill, every piece in OBI reflects the Japanese spirit. We felt so comfortable there, the service is fast and the waiters are so friendly…for us, it’s the most important thing for the success of a restaurant.

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We started with the Tacos! We loved the blend of the Tacos with Salmon and tuna, you can dip it with soya or with a sweet & sour sauce.

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The marinated salmon was so fresh and delectable. Adding the ponzu sauce made the taste divine with the spicy touch of jalapeno and Cilantro.

Here’s the good thing! You can now eat sushi with rice FREE. Replacing rice with quinoa is a brilliant thing, don’t you agree with us? Each roll was appetizing and tempting. The sushi rolls had their distinctive savor. The presentation and colors were well balanced and beautiful.

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And here's the dessert!! Banana Tempura

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Hope you enjoyed our article, if you like us to make any other reviews about a restaurant, please contact us by sending an email to:

Restaurant: Obi

Address: The Village Dbayeh

Reservation: 71-900 190

Customer Service: 78-804304

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