Traditional Frensh Taste at Chateau Kefraya

Jessica Helou
Posted On 11 JUN 2016

Traditional Frensh Taste at Chateau Kefraya

Coq au vin is a traditional French dish. Château Kefraya prepare it with their own wine.

It takes 2-3 hours boiling; marinated with half a bottle of Château Kefraya’s red wine and half bretèches. They cook it with onion, mushroom, chicken, ham and bacon . The butter is added since it’s the tradition for a French dish. It is served with purple potato (vitelotte) ; It adds a amazing color to the dish, yet it has many healthy facts. The taste is divine since all the ingredients are well balanced.

Jarret d’agneau

Marinated with wine, oil, onion, herb (rosemary) and little spices. It takes 12 hours in advance or a day before for cooking. The taste is a little sweet to balance the acidic mixture. The dish is served with gratin dauphinois. It’s preferable to be served with strong red wine.

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I advise you not to miss the dessert since it’s made with specialties, bymixing the two traditional frensh and lebanese sweetness.

Chocolate Fondant; a frensh recipe with chocolate mousse.

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Homemade Sorbet
with different flavors; it’s served with crumbles.

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traditional Lebanese dessert, Flavored with a twist of lavender to give it a frenshy savor.

Our experience at Château Kefraya was exceptional in terms of the choice of dishes, coziness and service.

We are very excited to visit it again…

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