Yoshi – A Japanese Place for Sushi Addicts

Jessica Helou
Posted On 02 AUG 2017

Yoshi – A Japanese Place for Sushi Addicts

We always look forward to try new sushi places as Oui Society and write reviews about their quality and service. This time we chose Yoshi at the Gardens – Naccache.

As we entered, you can automatically notice the Japanese interior touch. It is a very inviting place with the fresh seafood corner in the middle and the Japanese wine library on the corner.

The waiters are very friendly and professional. Their service was on point and quick.

Enough talking, let’s have some fresh sushi!

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Our main purpose was to try Yoshi’s specialties since a massive number of sushi restaurants opened in Lebanon and it’s a lil bit confusing which place to try.

Fortunately, Yoshi was a thumb up! It’s a place where you can touch their signature in every plate.

For a starter, we picked the marinated shrimp balls with the special Yoshi sauce. It’s a hot appetizer, they are a bit crunchy and very delicious.

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For the salad, the salmon tataki was a great choice. The seared salmon were served with carrot, edamame and crump. We enjoyed every bite, you can really taste the freshness of the salmon. The flavors are very balanced while accentuating on the salmon’ taste.

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In order to test the freshness, you better order the salmon and scallops.

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Starting with the rolls, the Golden Squid is definitely Yoshi’s signature. The breaded Squid were marinated with honey mustard and garnished with crab and dried caviar. We can’t describe the taste, it’s a mixture of sensations melting in your mouth. Never to be missed! Be careful, it’s hot!

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We were also served with a special selection of Yoshi’s sushi rolls. They were super luscious and tempting. The quality and freshness were something to consider at Yoshi.

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We can unquestionably recommend this place to try it with family and friends or even for a date.
This experience was never to be missed and we will surely come back again very soon.

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Phone Numbers: 71 418848 / 71 416446

Address: Gardens, Beneath Naccache Bridge, Facing Spinney's Parking, Naccache, Metn

Yoshi Facebook / Yoshi Instagram 


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