Dinner at Indigo On The Roof - Le Gray

Jessica Helou
Posted On 11 APR 2018

Dinner at Indigo On The Roof  - Le Gray

It may have taken a whole to get to our mouth but we found the best spot to our romantic dinner celebrations!

My fiancé used to impress me with birthday or anniversary surprises. He always searches for the best place to celebrate it. We tried lots of luxurious hotel restaurants but our best pick till today is Indigo on the roof - Le gray Beirut.

It’s not a surprise anymore! we always pick le gray as I feel happy every time I step into it.

Indigo on the roof is definitely an unforgettable experience, the warm and cozy ambience that the interior style looks gives you the welcome feeling.

The waiters are very professional with a lot of dedication. They are always present to assist you.

Indigo’s a la carte menu gives you a wide variety and selection of the best Mediterranean dishes.

As they always promise, their food is fresh, seasonal and locally sourced for the client to get the best experience.

While going thru the menu, we decided to pick our all-time favorite dishes to revive our old-time moments along with new picks to catch the sparkles of a new experience.

Let’s start the journey:


Smoked salmon “Coeur De Filet”

Image title

When there is color in food, there are anti-oxidants. The smoked salmon dish is a colorful one with white horseradish cream and orange smoked salmon. The “Coeur de filet” was presented with the perfect cut and a refined arrangement with quail egg, pickled cucumber and salmon caviar. A broiled, baked, or grilled salmon fillet is delicious all on its own, for most fish lovers. But for some, the unique flavor of salmon is better when fixed in slightly different dishes or with a variety of sauces.

The combination is so flavorful and on point.

Foie Gras Poêlé Aux Pommes:

Image title

The presentation is so simple yet artistic with the mango cubes and raspberry sauce.

It’s not just the taste that really entrances us but also the smooth, “melt-in-your-mouth” texture. The freshness accentuates the taste to a rich, buttery and decadent savor.

Main dishes:

Le Gray Beef Wellington:

Image title

From its layout, you can’t take off your eyes of this dish. the millefeuille - homemade pastry covering the grain fed Angus beef made it so attractive. The beef cooked with wine, foie gras sauce and paired with mushroom, baked potato and mushroom sauce. Literally, this taste is Epic. It’s one of the dishes that should never be missed once at Indigo.

Roasted Grouper Filet:

Image title

Grouper is a light and mild delicate fish with a firm texture, presented with kale and mashed potato at the bottom with baby carrot on the top. The fish is cooked on point, leaving the juiciness. The chive butter sauce with the pickled onion gives the dish a strong and savory taste. This dish is very healthy and palatable.

Now it’s time for the dessert!

Le Gray Pain Perdu:

Image title

This dessert in specific is our come back to Indigo on the roof. You just can’t miss it and I personally can eat it alone without sharing it. The caramel taste with the soft French toast deserves a big clap. Never to miss the walnut taste in it.

Very recommended.

Valrhona Chocolate Fondant:

Image title

Happy endings are always wrapped with Chocolate. Who agree?

The dark and rich flavor of chocolate paired with vanilla ice cream melts heavenly in your mouth giving you a happy feeling.

Hope you enjoyed our experience at Indigo on the Roof and I would really like to hear your feedback once you visit it as well.


Le Gray Beirut Restaurants

Indigo On The Roof Menu

Le Gray, Beirut
Martyrs’ Square, Beirut Central District, 2011 3312 Lebanon
+961 1 971 111 / info@legray.com


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