I Tried Pilates to Cure My Bad Posture - Here's What Happened Next

Jessica Helou
Posted On 04 DEC 2017

I Tried Pilates to Cure My Bad Posture - Here's What Happened Next

When you start focusing on your core, you realize that all of your muscles are connected through it – this is the main goal of someone practicing Pilates.

"I always used to say, I've never been flexible, I can't do Pilates.' But that's why I’m doing it.

My objective of this article is to show people how much Pilates changed my body with the help of my instructor – Tatiana. Literally, she’s the best, because she inspires and believes in us. You can join the class at SLR Gym each Monday & Wednesday at 7:30 PM. Oh! Here the good part, you can also ask for your free trial ;)

Pilates exercises could be described as a controlled flow of movement leading to stronger core and better posture. Let's discover the other benefits:

1- Pilates supports the spine:

Pilates strongly emphasizes the proper use of the core to support the spine and create stability through the center. The core muscles are the deepest layer of lower abdominal muscles.

Correctly activating these muscles enables the spine and rest of the body to move safely without causing pain or damage and to also improve the strength & flexibility in other areas of the body.

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2- Pilates improves posture:

In addition to building a strong core, Pilates exercises are also designed to improve posture and correct imbalances in the body. They aim to strengthen the weaker, more unused muscles and release the tighter ones.

Bringing this balance to the body is extremely important as incorrect posture and imbalances are the cause of many aches and pains throughout the body, as well as joint problems and headaches.

A stronger, well-engaged core will help you hold your balance with more ease.

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3- Pilates is easy on your joints:

Pilates' slow and controlled movements puts minimal impact on your joints.

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4- Pilates keeps you focus:

Pilates urges you to focus on 1) your breath, 2) your body, and 3) how they move together. It takes a lot of concentration.

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5 – Pilates improves your sports performance:

With a stronger core, you can run faster, your yoga is on point, and overall, the rest of your workouts improve.

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6- Pilates boosts your brainpower:

When Chinese researchers measured changes in women's brain activity after 10 weeks of Pilates training, they found an increase in the brain's alpha peak power, which is related to neural network activity, memory performance, and other cognitive functions. Researchers believe Pilates may even hold potential as a treatment option for people with brain-degenerative diseases and cognitive dysfunctions.

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