Eat That Pizza, Get That Dream Body

Elie Christophoridis
Posted On 26 DEC 2017

Eat That Pizza, Get That Dream Body

As a person who works in the fitness field, many people ask me what is the diet you follow to lose fat and build up muscles.

Well first of all, there is no such thing as "THE" Diet.

God Knows how many times I’ve tried, until the easiest and most satisfying eating lifestyle knocked my door.

the diet or the lifestyle that I’m following in nutrition has helped me lose fat and get those guns while eating whatever i desire such as pizza, burgers, cakes and so much more.

If you are a foodie just like me and have no time to follow a boring diet, then try my way.

But here are the rules you must follow:

1- Shift Calories to later in the day, eating very light in during the day and the afternoon, and Feast at night.

2- SKIP BREAKFAST! yeah you read right, skip it. studies has shown that when you wake up your body is in a burning zone with you Growth hormone elevated, so when you ingest food you cut it and you ruin the process.

3- Eat After two or three hours upon waking up , you can only drink water , coffee and tea (no sugar).

4- The meals you will have during the day and afternoon should NOT include carbohydrates; so just protein, fat and fibers.

5- After 5 pm and this is where the fun begins, go crazy on food. Order this amazing pizza and those crunchy freshly baked cookies, Ice-cream? Yes please. Eat whatever your heart desires until bed.

6- Maintaining such a diet will make your insulin resistance higher, which means when you eat all this yummy fattening food at night and depriving your body from carbs in the morning, your insulin level will be much lower hence your body keeps on burning fat.

7- It’s safe to train without carbs. Strength and hypertrophy training are unaffected by day-time carbs as long as glycogen stays full. Best time to work out is between 3-6 , but of course that doesn’t mean you won’t get the results if you train some other time.

8- Keep in mind that you always have to make sure that you won’t exceed your daily recommended calories intake or else you will start storing fat .

Follow these tips and this fun diet and see the changes in your body and any questions concerning this diet please contact me on my instagram page : Elie.chris

Have a great day and a delicious time trying this diet.


Elie Christophoridis

Health and fitness personal trainer and nutrition specialist.

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