Spinning Class - Fitness Zone

Jessica Helou
Posted On 03 OCT 2018

Spinning Class - Fitness Zone

We all know that cycling activities in Lebanon are very narrowed in terms of safe roads for cycles.

But what if I tell you that riding an indoor bicycle at a spinning class is much more fun than the one on the road?

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This Saturday, we practiced the spinning class at Fitness Zone with the Instructor Elie Balkis and it was an impressive one!

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The spin class is a high-intensity workout, you can’t leave the class without a sweaty, happy look. Elie has a huge effect on the class, we practice our workout with harmony since his music mix and lights side is part of the show.

The spin class provides motivation in the form of spin colleagues.

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Efforts will be hard and fast, but short; this creates a time effective form of training.

You can burn 500 to 700 calories in an hour spin.

The incredible thing about spinning is that it suits every ability.

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Going to give it a go? Here are few tips to make sure you get the most of your class:

Get there early:

Come to the class at least 15 minutes earlier to get your bike up to match your measurements.

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Bring Water:

A bottle of water and a towel is a must; it’s going to get sweaty.

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Expect muscle soreness:

Working your muscles in a way you’re not used to can cause muscle soreness.
Plan an easy ride the following day to spin the legs out.

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Benefits of spinning are way important:

1. Burn calories as you enjoy your ride

2. Improve your cardio for a healthy heart

3. Join a community that feels like a team:
Spinning unifies groups of people through hard work and dedication, especially at fitness zone; we become a team rather than a group of riders.

4. Strengthen your core and six-pack: A good technique and a correct posture are very essential in a spinning class.

5. Enhance your mental strength Spinning can help you grow “I can” attitude: The spinning routine can be very beneficial for mental self-discipline, applied to other areas of life.

Don’t wait, start your indoor cycling journey today at fitness zone to take advantage of the physical, mental and lifestyle of spinning.

Spin your wheel of life today!

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