Zumba Class ON - Fitness Zone

Jessica Helou
Posted On 31 OCT 2018

Zumba Class ON - Fitness Zone

What do we need most in a fun workout other than dancing to the beats of Latin music featuring inspired choreography?

The moves and excitement we feel at Fitness Zone Zumba class, especially with the instructor Rita Kamar might be seen in a nightclub with the tag line “Ditch the workout, Join the party”

Moving to the music and having a good time doesn’t require a great dancer in order to join the class. The dance moves were designed to enhance flexibility.

Sweating an average of 369 calories with a great cardio workout that melts fat, strengthens your core, and improves flexibility is the most important.

If you never attended a Zumba class, you can start slowly if needed, or you can dance your heart out if you are in great shape. If you just love to move your body to the music, then Zumba is for you.

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Intensity Level: Medium

In order to boost cardio endurance and get your heart rate up, Zumba classes move from high and low intensity dance moves which makes it a an excellent cardio workout.

Areas It Targets:

Core: Move your hips yall! Yes, to help strengthen the core, many of the dance steps used in the routines highlight the hips and midsection. strengthen the core.

Legs: For those who practice Zumba, they can tell the improvements of their quads and hamstrings while jumping and practicing lunges during the choreographed dances.

Glutes: Every time you move to the beat and enjoy the music, you will feel the burn in your buns.

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What should I do during the Class:

- Remember to stay cool and hydrated during your workout.

- Watch out the high-impact moves if you have knee or back pain or arthritis. Other ways to get a good workout are gentler on the joints.

Health Benefits:

1. Losing weight while building muscles.

2. Reducing blood pressures and bad cholesterol

3. Boosts good cholesterol

4. Decrease blood sugars in the body as your energy level soars – recommended for those who have diabetes.

5. Helps you to de-stress. Turning your attention to dance, and away from the daily routine, is a great way to relieve stress.

Ready to try it? Subscribe to Fitness Zone - Zumba class with Rita Kamar. Don’t be afraid! Zumba is for any age and can be adapted to any fitness level.

Have a look at the "Body Pump" class here - a not to be missed class!


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