Top 8 Tips to Avoid Post-Meal Belly Bloat

Maya Haddad Rebeiz
Posted On 21 APR 2017

Top 8 Tips to Avoid Post-Meal Belly Bloat

No one likes the feeling of leaving the table with a puffed-up stomach or having to unbutton the top of their pants to breathe.

Stop the dreaded belly bloat in its tracks by following these effective healthy tips!

1.Limit fats or consume them raw: Adding too many fats to your meals can slow down the stomach emptying process and cause digestive disturbances. Otherwise, try to consume fats in their raw form by adding them when you're done cooking to limit bloating.

2.Stop the chewing-gum habit: Chewing air triggers intestinal activity, and because you're inhaling each time, it builds up and creates that unmistakable bloated feeling you're trying to avoid.

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3.Choose your bread wisely:
Many people experience bloating after eating bread at their meals. This could be a sign of gluten intolerance but also just a result of eating processed food. if you're trying to de-bloat before a big event, skip it altogether.

4.Cook your veggies: Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli—these cruciferous vegetables are super healthy for you but are also known for their bloating effects when consumed raw. Try to avoid them or eat them cooked this will reduce their bloating effect.

5.Eat ripe fruits: It's best to eat fruits when they're fully ripe rather than unripe. The more ripe the fruit is, the easier its sugars will be to digest.

6.Watch your portion sizes: If you're eating too much at meal time, this would guarantee indigestion and bloating. Pay close attention to serving sizes or split your meals up throughout the day to avoid overeating.

7.Don't eat bulbous vegetables: You should avoid consuming white or red onion, shallots or garlic to excess. They're known for causing belly bloat due to the carbon dioxide they release during digestion.

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8.Drink mineral water:
It shouldn't be too surprising that bubbly drinks will lead to additional air in your stomach. So if you are trying to avoid an inflated tummy, always opt for mineral or tap water over sparkling.

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