Fitness - I Started Living Right!

Jessica Helou
Posted On 12 JUN 2017

Fitness - I Started Living Right!

It has been apparent that at some point of time all of us take up gym with a lot of enthusiasm and passion, but over a period of time we lose interest for numerous reasons including work overtime, vacations, family problems, injuries, so on. This is exactly what happened to me when I left the gym, a year ago. Although I was very happy about the transformation I got but I lost the interest after a while and this hurt me a lot before I decided to come back again. My stamina has also been on a vacation ever since I left the gym, I’m not as strong as I knew I was.

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I was convinced that I’m fit, with a nice body and everything is ok! Until I found out; by taking the inbody test; that my body is not strong as it was before; my body fat mass is a lot stronger than muscles which scared me! I must gain 3Kg of muscles and lose 1.6 kg of fat.

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Inspired by Maya Nassar, I chose Start Living Right Gym to help me with my body transformation since they have amazing classes with the suitable space for my workouts. They offer everything I might need to start a healthier lifestyle, and reach my fitness goals.

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Since I used to find the gym boring, SLR gym offers classes that are both fun and interactive, the instructors are super friendly and motivates you all the time while in their class.

I advise you to start a healthy lifestyle TODAY! It’s tough, painful but very promising, not only for your body shape but for your health FIRST.

I will always stay up to date with my fitness updates and the classes I’m attending.

Stay tuned… xxx

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