Gift Ideas Before Christmas Knocks

Jessica Helou
Posted On 19 DEC 2017

Gift Ideas Before Christmas Knocks

Christmas is literally the best time of the year. The food. The tree. And oh yeah, the presents! Without good gift ideas, the holidays can be a stressful, anxiety-inducing nightmare. we thought we would make it easier for you. For Christmas 2017- Kick up your feet, grab a mug of coffee and let’s check some ideas & inspiration. Stress free giving is our gift to you.

Elsa Chocolate Box:

Chocolate & Marshmallows? This truly unique gift pack is perfect for the adventurous chocoholic! This plexi box filled with a chocolate, a festive giant mug with a hot chocolate kit to enjoy a warm & happy evening next to the chimney. In love with the Belgian chocolate house!

You can also benefit from our promo code: "OUI10" in order to get 10% off on anything your order from Elsa chocolate Website till the end of 2017.

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Lush Christmas Gift:

One of their ready packed gifts is the winter garden – the scent of roses floats on the breeze and lift spirits. A combination of three items that keeps you soft and pampered during winter times. 

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Golden Pear: Soap - The fragrance is stunning, it's fruity yet rich and warm. The smell is lovely and the murumuru butter is very soft on the skin. I loved the light shimmer base it leaves on the skin after a shower.

Ro's Argan: Body conditioner – It is amazing and it works wonders on the most sensitive areas on the skin, leaving a silk feeling.

Rose Jam: Shower Gel – The smell can’t leave my nose; it leaves you with a mix of feelings. Inspired by sticky, delicious Turkish rose jam. It Keeps the skin and The smell is so sweet and inviting. Trust me, a very small amount of it will do wonders.

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Rovina Watch:

I honestly chose this watch for a Christmas gift because it reflects my style and my simple design for watches, even in our modern life, watches are being designed with an easy going and elegant look.

The brilliant thing about this watch is that it comes with double wrap leather strap and the steel-mesh strap.

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Kusmi Tea:

Tsaverna from Kusmi tea blew my mind, for me this tea revives some unforgettable memories of my recent trip to Russia, especially St. Petersburg. The tea box with the splendid design would be a great inspiration for a Christmas gift. Tea lovers will definitely fall in love with the experience.

Hurry up! We left 10 vouchers at Kusmi tea, you can benefit from 25% discount on everything there.

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Georgette Wooden Box - By Maroun Chedid:

A selection of the best products that nature provides in a Georgette coffret. You can customize your box with all your favorite products at Georgette.  

You can check their products here: Maroun Chedid Website

My favorite is the Tomato Tapenade, two olive and sundried tomato and tomato jam.

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Najel’s Organics:

What’s better then pampering your skin and hair this Christmas? Najel’s organics produces, quite simply, the best Aleppo Soap in the world. They also cultivate their own raw material and specializes entirely in natural cosmetic products, made with olive oil and bay laurel oil.

You can check feel22 website and arrange a box of Najel’s products, choosing a wide range of skin & Hair care items. You can benefit from 10% discount at checkout using our promo code “OUISOCIETYFEEL22” with free delivery in Lebanon.

I’m personally a fan of Laurel bay oil -  the oil that makes Aleppo soap potent when it comes to healing various skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, herpes, bacterial dermatitis, fungal infections, irritated skin but also for scalp problems like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and others.

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Hope you enjoyed our article!



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