Oui Society Experience with Spinneys Delivery

Jessica Helou
Posted On 30 JUL 2018

Oui Society Experience with Spinneys Delivery

I don't hate grocery shopping, quite the opposite actually — I love leisurely strolling through passageways, trying to follow my grocery list while simultaneously allowing myself to get distracted and inspired by everything that's not on it.

Today, I felt like trying something new: Shopping my groceries online! As we’re leading busy lives and always on the lookout for ways to maximize our time.

Actually, I started purchasing all my skin care and make up products online one year ago and I found it awesome and very effective.

Spinneysdelivery.com works exactly like any other shopping site. You search the items you want, and add them to your cart in the offered quantities. Once you've finished shopping, you'll select a delivery time, your personal shopper, and payment method for your items. You can schedule your deliveries for next-day, or up to a week in advance, with a day-of options. Your groceries will arrive with a delivery boy.

When shopping on the site, you can look for inspiration by browsing sections like “Promotions”, "Gluten Free”, “Low Fat” and “Organic". You can also search for name brand and generic brand food items, order basic home necessities like toilet paper and detergents.

Spinneys delivery array is as vast as any big box store would be — it's just much easier and faster to navigate.

If you love the service of spinneys delivery, you can reorder the same list of items every time you need it.

Why I like it:

Ordering groceries online has its advantages. It helps me stick to a list so I don't overbuy or get distracted by all the new ingredients I see, and it lets me search deals all in one place instead of running around the store.

What’s special at spinneysdelivery.com is that you can pick your personal shopper and get an update or a confirmation call from her for your list.

Possibly the most important thing to note is that I don't have to get dressed to go shopping. I can do it all from the comfort of my couch on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee in my hand.



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