How to Spend 6 Days in Prague Like a Pro

Jessica Helou
Posted On 21 FEB 2018

How to Spend 6 Days in Prague Like a Pro

Are you looking for some travel inspiration, and trying to figure out your travel plans for the next year? You can definitely pick "Prague".

My travel journey to Prague was a blessing. I never had the feeling of staying there forever and I’m serious about it. At first, when I was told that my Christmas gift was a trip to Prague, I was so excited, yet stressed about the places to visit and how i can see everything in 6 days.

I can’t deny that my boyfriend Elias and my Friend Paul helped me a lot.

Oui Society travel tip: the best information and tips you can get for your travel is from someone who already visited the country/city.

We gathered all the best attractions in Prague, pinned the major ones and associate a date for each.

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The most important thing is to check your hotel’s location, mine was Best Western Hotel Meteor Plaza; next to the powder tower, being really close to the city center and also having really nice restaurants in the nearby. the staff was super friendly and helpful, I used to ask them for shortcuts of each attraction and which metro to take in order to reach the destination. The room was very clean and comfortable; I enjoyed my coffee next to the window, watching the people walking down the streets in the early morning.

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The transportation was very easy; next to the public transit & the train station, you only need a map in your hand and everything is set to go.

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The first thing I did there is exchanging the EUR into Koruna. Never exchange money in these places

Second Oui Society travel tip:It’s wise to verify the fees and review the final transaction details before signing and exchanging currency.

My second destination was the Prague city tourism where you can have a map and a booklet with the essential guide inside. I also purchased the Prague card for 4 days 

In order to benefit from free public transportation, free entry to top Prague attractions and a free guidebook with 7 languages. This card helped me a lot in order not to panic or wait in line in order to purchase the ticket of each attraction.

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Prague Website also helped with my plans to Prague, they give you all the information needed with the tiniest detail from places, events, food, drinks and accommodations.

Go surf our Oui Society online magazine to find out more about travel, travel inspiration & travel tips.

The attractions we visited

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