Sharm El Sheikh - Travel Into the Blue

Jessica Helou
Posted On 13 SEP 2017

Sharm El Sheikh - Travel Into the Blue

It’s my second-time travel to Sharm El Sheikh, the flora and fauna of the Red Sea! You will be amazed by the magical underwater scenery once you put your head down in the blue water…trust me! You’ll find yourself in another world, I felt blessed swimming with the endless collection of fish & turtle.

As I’m traveling for the second time to Sharm El Sheikh with Oui Society, I knew exactly what to do there. This time, I preferred to skip the safari ATV day, the Badu’s night (honestly I didn’t like it that much) and spend my holiday in the deep blue ocean, enjoying the colorful reef. You can enjoy your trip with your friends and even with the family since the hotels provide a set of activities.

I'm wearing Zara Kaki Pants & Basic White Shirt paired with American Eagle Sandals.

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The beach resorts are stretched along the red sea coast. Lots of restaurants and nightclubs are booming in this town. My room was few steps away from the beach, the view was breathtaking…I couldn’t stop walking around the cacti while enjoying the sun kisses. Of course, We need to benefit from the perfect tan.

I'm wearing in my first look: Abercrombie & fitchBlue Blouse & White mini shorts, my sandals from GAP & my sunglasses from PRADA.
My second look: Pyjama from Oysho, and Havaianas slim Flip Flop.

OuiSociety in sharm El Sheikh

OuiSociety in Sharm El Sheikh

he first day there, we spent it on the reef, snorkeling and swimming… the fish are so friendly, and the water is refreshing. Don’t forget to bring with you your sunscreen & sunglasses, the weather is so hot there and you should make sure that your skin is not affected negatively. I prefer to use SVR sunscreen 50+ SPF & SVR After sun Hydrating cream.

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After tanning, we decided to make a hotel tour to check the available activities & Spa. We booked the boat trip & diving for the next day and a Full day SPA.

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Exploring the ocean was Heaven! I advise you to take the Tiran Island Boat trip, you will spend an amazing journey, discovering the tropical collection of fish, turtles and the astonishing colorful coral reef. I personally, didn’t like the food served on the boat, so it’s better to bring some sandwiches with you.

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You will be amazed by the immense activities that you can enjoy while there. You will become a scuba diving expert since there are schools and dive shops in the area.

P.S:Don’t miss the glass boat trip where you will be amazed by their complete collections of flora and fauna of the Red Sea.

The third day was a relaxing day, we chose to spend it near the pool, drinking refreshing juices till it’s our time to hit the SPA for a full body massage and Sauna.
The staff were so friendly; it was my first time trying a coconut & coffee massage. You can smell the scent of coffee melted with the coconut while listening to fairouz songs…what a great experience. It rejuvenates my skin and made it silky. 

The best thing to do there in the early morning before heading to the airport is to watch the sunrise from the ocean.

OuiSociety in Sharm El Sheikh

You can find international and traditional Egyptian restaurants along the souk. The hotels as well are offering international cuisines since this town is known in its European tourists and visitors.

It’s a great place for relaxation and fun.

Take your family or friends with you to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.


Jessica Helou

Hello! I’m the founder of Oui Society, a blogger who loves to explore travel spots, try new restaurants and inspire in the fashion trends and styles.

Follow me into my journey to spread happiness… xoxo

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