3 Most Creative Ways to Save Money for Travel

Jessica Helou
Posted On 09 JAN 2020

3 Most Creative Ways to Save Money for Travel

I always have the passion for travelling the world, get exposed to different cultures and discover the hidden gem of every country. Like everyone else, travelling is a bit expensive. You will be working all the yearlong and barely had the money to travel abroad. I used to think that this is impossible until I realized that traveling is a gift you present to yourself for being grateful and a hard worker. Travel benefits are endless, it has positive impact on your health, brain and soul. When you start thinking the way I do, you will realize how much is important to take a week off and jump into a plane, seeking a new adventure in life. If you think that saving money to your trip is the only reason that keeping you away from traveling, therefore this article will set you free and let you realize how saving money to your trip is easy.

First! You should keep in mind that the money saved can’t be touched for emergencies!

  • 1- Open a saving account:

you will tell me that I already have one and I’m saving the money for my future, alright, I totally understand; but what I want you to do is to open an account called “saving account for my trip”. In this saving account, you will be able to save a percentage of your salary there. You can choose the amount you want, personally I save 15% of my salary for my trips. You will be surprised how much money you could save without effort and choose the trip based on the amount saved.

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  • 2- Create a Change Jar:

it only takes $2.74/day to get to $1,000 in a year. You can use a big jar and start saving $2.74 a day which is nothing compared to what you spend daily.
If you’re thinking of what to skip each day to save $2.74, what about cutting on sugar and alcoholic drinks? Promise yourself to have one drink on a happy hour and save the money in the change Jar ;)

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  • 3- Stop wasting money and take control of your stuff

Extra money saved in the “saving for a trip” account would be a great idea when you stop wasting money on clothes and stuff that you barely use or wear occasionally. You will thank me once you save this amount in your saving account and enjoy a wonderful trip. The satisfaction you will get abroad is 10 times more than wasting the money on unnecessary stuff.

You can even cut costs while buying groceries. Each time you end up on the cashier’s desk, look at your basket and choose to leave 3 things without buying. Once at home, save the money in the change jar for your trip.

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