Top Heritage Sites, Tours & Attractions You Must See in Moscow - Russia

Jessica Helou
Posted On 10 JUL 2019

Top Heritage Sites, Tours & Attractions You Must See in Moscow - Russia

Moscow is a lively city, full of things to see and places to visit, from the Kremlin to lots of spots for shopping and sightseeing.
I listed below the major attractions I visited once in Moscow.

Tip: We bought Moscow City Pass online and presented the receipt at GUM mall to receive the card and a book guide. With the Moscow city pass card, you can get access to the main and different attractions in Moscow. All the attractions that will be listed now are included in the Moscow city pass (except for the Armory Chamber).

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The Moscow Kremlin

A majestic enormous citadel located on the Moscow river bank. During different epochs, it was the residence of grand Russian Tsars and Emperors; nowadays the Moscow Kremlins is the official residence of the President of the Russian federation.

Once there, we entered from the red tower to get amazed by this enormous place that blew our eyes and mind. People come from all over the world to discover the beauty of Kremlin.

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Address: Kremlin, Moscow

Subway: Biblioteka Imeni Lenina - Arbatskaya - Aleksandrovsky Sad - Borovitskaya

Phone: 74956954146


1- The Trinity Tower or Troitskaya Tower:

It’s known for the main visitors' entrance into the Kremlin and it overlooks the beautiful Alexander garden. It measures 80 meters, making it the tallest of the Kremlin towers. The reason why it’s referred to the trinity tower is because it is standing next to the trinity monastery.

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2- The Armory Chamber:

A treasure house is a part of the Grand Kremlin Palace's complex. It is situated in the building constructed in 1851 by the famous architect Konstantin Ton. The museum collections were based on the precious items that had been preserved for centuries in the tsars' treasury and the Patriarch’s vestry. Some of the exhibits were made in the Kremlin's workshops; others were accepted as ambassadorial gifts.

The Armory Chamber preserves ancient State regalia, ceremonial tsar's vestments and coronation dresses, vestments of the Russian Orthodox Church Hierarchs, the largest collection of gold and silverware made by Russian craftsmen, West European artistic silver, ceremonial arms and armors, carriages and horse ceremonial harness.

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3- Tsar Cannon

This unique artillery piece was cast at the Moscow Cannon Founder in 1586.  This gigantic weapon weighs more than 39 tons. Since 1960 it has stood on a gun-carriage in Ivanovskaya Square surrounded by vast cast-iron cannon balls, each of which weighs about a thousand kilos. The gun's barrel is decorated with figurative reliefs and a portrait of Tsar Fedor Ioanovich on horseback.

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 4- Tsar Bell

This is the largest bell in the world, weighing almost 202 tons. Visitors to the Kremlin can admire the rich relief work on the bell's exterior, depicting Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, John the Baptist, Russian rulers and their patron saints.

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5- Dormition Cathedral – Also known as Assumption Cathedral:

A Russian Orthodox Church, erected in 1475-1479. It was the major church of the state in which all Russian Tsars were crowned.

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6- The Annunciation Cathedral:

It was the home church of Moscow Great Princes and later Russian Tsars.

Built in 1484-1489 by Pskov craftsmen.

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7- The Archangel’s Cathedral:

It was used as a burial vault for Moscow Great Princes, Appanage Princesses and Russian Tsars. Constructed in 1505-1508

The Patriarch’s palace and the twelve apostles’ church:

At present, the ground floor of the single-column chamber houses an exhibition hall of the museum.

Built in 1653-1655 for patriarch Nikon.

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8- The Ivan the Great Bell – Tower Ensemble:

Had been taking shape during the 16-17 centuries. Nowadays, the ground floor of the assumption Belfry houses an exhibition hall of the museum.

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Red Square

Red Square is the largest and most famous square in Russia. It has a magnetic pull for all visitors to Moscow. Standing in Red Square, you can see the most significant buildings in the capital: the Kremlin, GUM department store, the State History Museum, Lenin's Mausoleum and of course, St Basil’s Cathedral.

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All the major streets of Moscow radiate from here. Red Square is the central square of Moscow and the symbolic center of all Russia.

Address: 1, Red Square, Moscow

Subway: Okhotny Riad


Ploschad Revolyutsii

Phone: 74956924019Site:

1- State Historical Museum

The largest Russian museum was established by the emperor Alexander II of Russia in 1872. The collection of the museum completely reflects Russian centuries-old history and culture from ancient times to the present day.

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2- St. Basil’s Cathedral

Pokrovsky Cathedral (St. Basil’s Cathedral) on the Red Square is a great creation of Russian architects. It was founded in the middle of the 16th century to commemorate the accession of Khanate of Kazan to the Moscow Kingdom and is considered unequalled. The gorgeous temple is a gem of world architecture, a symbol of Moscow and Russia. Today Pokrovsky Cathedral is both museum and temple.

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3- Museum of the Patriotic War

Visitors will be impressed with the priceless relics of 1812 war period as well as the great multimedia narration about all the important events of that heroic age.

Must see:  Personal belongings of Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov, the saber and the awards of Napoleon. There is also a camp-bed of Napoleon Bonaparte — emperor of the French. You can get an idea of how tall he was.

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4- Gum Mall

Directly opposite the Mausoleum, on the eastern side of the square, lies the building which houses Russia's most famous shopping mall - the State Department Store, GUM.

I used to come every day to this mall to have lunch in one of its restaurants, take a quick come of coffee in the afternoon or even have a dessert. This place feels like magic!

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Christ the Savior Cathedral

The resurrected Cathedral of Christ the Savior has had a short but turbulent history. The cathedral was barbarously destroyed on December 5 1931, and the project was abandoned. The site turned over to become an open-air swimming pool, the largest in the world, which was kept at a temperature of 27°C all year round. The result was a thick covering of fog that shrouded a number of gruesome deaths (and murders) among the swimmers. The cathedral has been rebuilt in 1994-2000.

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Address : 15, Volhonka Ul

Phone: (495) 637-12-76 


Metro: Kropotkinskaya

Opening Hours: Daily 10.00-18.00 (Closed every last Monday of the month.)

Admission Prices Free!

Museum of Cosmonautics

It is located within the base of the Monument to the Conquerors of Space in the north-east of the city. A museum celebrating the achievements of the Soviet space program.

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Address: Prospekt Mira, 111, Moskva, Russia, 129223

Hours: 10AM–9PM

Phone: +7 499 750-23-00

Mosquarium (VDNH)

There is no sea or ocean in Moscow, however there is the Mosquarium that is one of the biggest oceanariums in Europe, 12 thousand water animals from different parts of the planet. It takes about 20 minutes to get from the main entrance of V.D.N.Ha to Mosquarium on foot. I personally enjoyed walking on foot and get amazed by the green scenery.

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Address:  Mira Avenue, 119, Bldg. 23, Moscow

Subway:  Botanichesky Sad - V.D.N.Ha

Phone:  +7(499) 677-7777


River cruise with the Radisson Royal Flotilla

It was an amazing experience! I personally admit that without the Russia city pass, I wouldn’t think of having this tour. Since it was included in the citypass card, we decided to hop in! We went out on the deck, enjoyed the river air coolness, mesmerized by the old facades of the Moscow centre while admiring lacy bridges.

The cruise duration is 2.5 hours; you must go on board 30 minutes before the departure.

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Tips: The seats are limited. You need to call them one day before and book your seat

Phone: +7 (495) 228-55-55.

You simply show your Moscow CityPass card in tickets offices of Flotilla, take a ticket and go on the board.

Observation Deck of the Ukraine Hotel

Located on the 33rd floor of the historic Radisson Royal Hotel, known also as a legendary Stalin skyscraper in the heart of Moscow. It’s the most picturesque viewing point of the city and one of the highest, offering breathtaking views of the city.

We admired the illuminated Ostankino Tower and the shining modern Moscow City complex, we had a cup of coffee there while watching the vessels passing across the Moskva Rivers, the Cathedral’s of Christ the Savior golden domes, , green Victory park and Vorobyovy Gory.

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Address: Kutuzovsky Avenue, 2/1, Bldg. 1, Moscow, the main entrance of the Ukraine Hotel, 33rd floor

Subway:  Kiyevskaya

Phone:  +7(495) 229-8308



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