I Found My Zone of Fitness

Jessica Helou
Posted On 30 MAY 2018

I Found My Zone of Fitness

Throughout the years, we try to stay fit as long as we can in order to maintain a healthy life. A good lifestyle is when you do everything in moderation without missing the fun of it.

Sometimes we work so hard for a short time period and find ourselves trapped with stubborn fats that refuse to leave us with peace.

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I do really understand what you all feel, especially when you have like 3 kg to lose in order to have the perfect body, or even you exercise for health preventions. When you take the decision to start your training and never miss a class, your brain is definitely taking it as a punishment and throughout the first 22 days, your brain will always go after you, bagging you to stop because he’s tired.

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Ok now, let me tell you another scenario, what if you choose a place where you can train your muscles, have fun with a diversity of classes, learn new moves and types of sports, meet new positive people, chill and relax your body next to the pool, swim for a whole-body workout or even sun kissed along with a summer breeze? That’s what we searched for! A club with different kind of activities, because no one will ever skip a beach weather in order to train in a small gym.

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We need a place with an identity, that keeps us always ON for fitness, a zone where we can choose any class we want and attend it, a place where it motivates us to try new kind of classes not just for training the muscles but where we can communicate with the soul and learn how to breath the right way. 

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With these leisure options, your brain is no more taking it hard on itself, he’s now aware that fitness zone is a place where he can train and chill.

We’re now dedicated for one year… let’s see how it gonna go! With self-motivation, you can have the stamina you dreamt of! And that’s our affirmation.

If you’re hesitated, it’s normal because it’s a new place, but trust us, it’s been a month now and we’re so happy for choosing fitness zone as our leisure and stress-free place.

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For those who’s not familiar with Fitness zone services, I’ll name few here:

  • Pool exercise in the three premium clubs: Baabda, Kaslik and Verdun
  • mini bars
  • More than 1000 classes
  • Personal trainers
  • Tennis courts
  • Unlimited access to Fitness Zone
  • Unlimited access to all 7 branches
  • Unlimited access to all Group Exercise classes
  • Fitness Assessment and Gym program
  • Free Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi Access
  • Free Sauna and Steam
  • Highly equipped Lockers area including free towels and shower gel.

Do something today, that your future self will thank you for.

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Have a look at the "Body Pump" class here - a not to be missed class!


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