How Detox Parlour Program Affected Our Body and Mind

Jessica Helou
Posted On 22 AUG 2018

How Detox Parlour Program Affected Our Body and Mind

The rise in the amount of individuals living with poor health is surprising, especially since the issue can be traced back directly to the bad and flat-out dangerous foods that are readily available and constantly eaten.

Our lives become too busy, leaving us no time to take care of our healthy lifestyle. 

If you are ready to make the switch from the bad to the good, sometimes it’s vital that you eliminate the toxins in your body – also known as a detox!

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Committing to do a juice detox is an emotional roller coaster. At first you’re excited to finally take a step in the direction that could improve your overall well-being, but then the fear sets in. Is it really possible to only consume fruits and vegetables in the form of a juice? It seems crazy – or even impossible! But sometimes, your body is craving a reboot, and the best way to do that is to flush it of any toxins, and then replace the bad in your body with natural and nourishing cleansing foods and supplements.

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We wanted to put a juice detox cleanse to the test to see if it really was the reset we needed to begin our journey to a healthy us.

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My fiancé and I decided to take the detox parlour 10 days plan for many reasons:

1- Breaking bad eating habits

2- Getting a kick start to a healthy new lifestyle physically and mentally

3- Detox your body of unwanted toxins that cause your body pain, bloating and discomfort

4- Give your system a break from processed, carb-laden fast foods.

and many more beneficial reasons that our body thanked us for after being done with the cleanse.

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The first day of our detox was a bit weird, drinking 7 bottles of juices a day was something extraordinary to our mind. Each bottle differs from the other. We drank a bottle each 2 hours and never felt hungry. I also continued my workout normally without any counter effect.

Our detox program consists of:

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The first couple of days were fine, almost a novelty, but the fifth day was a bit difficult, the soup wasn’t fulfilling our hunger during the day, so we ended up eating carrots and cucumber… which was allowed during the detox to block hunger and maintain energy. 

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All the juices, soups, snacks and salads were very fresh and delicious. We never felt the urge to skip a meal or even crave something unrelated to the program.

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The communication with
detox parlour team was always smooth, their service was always on point. They are always ready to answer any question.

Life After Detox

So, what did I learn from the detox experience?

Well, our digestion is better than normal. We learned how much fruits and vegetables are important in our healthy lifestyle.

We drink more water during the day with different ways — adding lemon or basil or cucumbers, for example — thereby drinking more of it (always a good thing to help flush out the toxins).

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I’ve also noticed that things taste different. Fruits and vegetables taste even better than they did before. I’ve had no cravings for salty items (potato chips were always a weakness!).

I even chose to eat carrots and cucumber with hummus for a snack during the day. Something very easy to prepare and carry on to work.

As it turned out, detoxing was about coming clean emotionally. And, after doing this detox, our mental state and mood are awesome. You can’t hide from yourself on a detox diet. We really saw and felt how my mind and body work together.

All in all, this has been an incredibly positive and mind-opening experience. We have to admit, though, that we are aware now how to skip the bad food habits.

Order your detox plan with Detox Parlour and follow the instructions


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