Top Attractions in Munich - Germany

Jessica Helou
Posted On 05 FEB 2020

Top Attractions in Munich - Germany

Munich, a place where I call it the “Free Spirit” of traditional and modern aspects, blended together to reveal the charm of the Bavarian heritage and the contemporary life.

Oui Society decided to travel Munich for the discovery of the fascinating attractions when moving around the city to give you the best tips.

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Munich is the largest city in southern Germany, so spending 5 days with a condensed program what we were looking for, since we wanted to explore everything around and enjoying our journey.

To start, here is a map of Munich city with the main platz to move around while in the center of the city.

Oui Society also went outside the city to cover the historical Bavarian architecture.

Let’s discover them together:


Munich brings together a wide spectrum of very different but altogether extraordinary museums.

1. BMW Museum:

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We were literally amazed by the collection of BMW cars they have. The museum represents the history of BMW. Its brands and their products from 1916 to present.

We went thru 125 different cars, motorcycles and motors.

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2. Munich Residence:

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Former residence of the WittelsBach family

The “Residenz München” is one of the largest palaces in Germany.

The magnificent palace was home of the wittelbach dynasty until 1918.

The historical rooms, each with a distinctive touch and outstanding decoration, are just as impressive as the treasury and art collections.

We advise you to take your time to pass by each room and adore the historical art.

3. Linderhof: Royal Palace:

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I have never seen such an artistic palace. Linderhof is the most stylistically complex ensembles of the 19th century. It’s called “The Royal Villa”, the only palace where king Ludwig II of Bavaria was able to complete and lived there alone for 8 years until his death in 1886 at age 41.

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King Ludwig II was influenced by the French architecture which was emphasized in the sumptuousness of the room.

Tip: Located in Ettal, a beautiful Bavarian village, you can enjoy a walk in the mountains.

4. Neuschwanstein Castle:

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King Ludwig commenced with the construction of this palace in 1869 and never completed it

with a medieval style.

Neuschwanstein castle was a real enchanting palace and have inspired Walt Disney to create the magic Kingdom and build the “Fairytale Castle”.

Tip: On your way to the castle, you can pass by Oberammergau; a fairytale village where each house is painted with the passion play performance theatre.

The Oberammergau village is known for its woodcarvers.


1. Theatinerkirche: Theatine Church

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Built in the 17th century located in the center of Munich. This church is a magnificent example of the Baroque architecture.

2. Frauenkirche: Church of Our Lady

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This well-known church has been seen on every logo when surfing for Munich. It’s a landmark and considered the symbol of the Bavarian city.

3. Peterskirche: Church of St. Peter

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It’s the oldest church in the city, built in 1180

Tip: If you want to enjoy a panoramic view of the city, take the 299 steps to reach the top.

Famous Spots:

1. New Townhall (Neues Rathans):

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The gothic building at the Marienplatz hosts the city government.

The famous tower has a height of 80 meters with the world-famous balcony called “The Glockenspiel” a representing story from Munich’s history.

People were waiting patiently till 12:00 pm to watch the show of the cooper’s dancers, the city’s coat of arms and the angles of peace. The spectacle last 12 minutes.

Tip: To enjoy the distinguished view from the top, you can take the elevator from the observation desk that offers a grandiose view of the city.

2. Feldhernhalle:

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Built in 1884, dedicated to the Bavarian lord.

Tip: Located at the Odeonplatz near the residence Munich

3. Hofgarten:

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Hofgarten is the court garden of the residence, a peaceful garden designed in the renaissance style. A beautifully manicured garden as relaxing spot.

Main Squares:

1. Marienplatz: The central square in the city center of Munich.

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2. Odeonplatz:
A beautiful square bordered by Italianesque Feldhernhalle, Theatinerkirche and hofgarten.

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3. Karlsplatz: popularly known as Stachus - is a large square in the center of Munich

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Stay Tuned! we will not accept to keep you hungry during your travel to Munich, we'll come back soon with "where to eat in Munich"


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